Banking and Finance

The Banking & Finance team of the Firm consists of lawyers focusing on all aspects of the law relating to banking, finance including asset finance, capital markets, mutual funds and insurance. Our lawyers help banks and financial institutions to overcome the challenges market by offering an innovative-solutions-based approach

Services Offered include:

Corporate banking

• Acquisition, sale, & purchase of portfolios
• Securitisation
• Assignment of receivables
• Project finance
• Letters of credit and stand by letters of credit
• Structured Finance/transactions

Consortium lending

• Asset financing
Treasury, Global Markets & Investment Banking
• ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Agreements)
• Advising on options and futures
• Advising and documentation on Commodity and Forex hedging

Retail Segment

• Customised core banking and asset products documentation
(consumer loans, mortgages, vehicle loans, credit cards, D-mat, telephone banking)
• Outsourcing agreements requiring legal & regulatory compliances (call center, DSAs, DSMs)
• Advising on third party products, mutual funds, insurance and internet banking.